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    Lvl 1 = Pvp pwnage


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    Lvl 1 = Pvp pwnage

    Post  Vince on Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:22 am

    Pvp FTW!! - go Lvl 1 go!

    Well i know what your thinking... what would happen w/ gear

    Now lets add some fashion items...to dull down the n00b look...
    - lvl 110 gunner

    And tada!!

    Lvl 1 - BUFF IT UP~!


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    Re: Lvl 1 = Pvp pwnage

    Post  yaeka on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:33 am

    I tried it too.

    Hakorin, level 1.

    8-way FFA. Needless to say most people were second class. This is my greatest achievement ever.

    omgchicken is a level 110 gunslinger.

    I got curious and did experimenting.
    Generally anyone under level 60 is beatable.
    Generally anyone who can spam skills (level 100+) means I will get raped.

    From my experience, from hardest to easiest?
    Bladers = death.
    Bards = death because of that skill that endlessly damages while they're performing so you can't get near.
    Gunslingers = easier than the above two but still rape, depends on character though.
    Knight second classes = probably the easiest but no go.
    Knights = if they're gloves then say goodbye to win, but it isn't that hard to kill them.
    Warriors = depends on how much they spam and how much they can hurt.

    Haven't tried too much of anything else. Mages are cake, except this one windwalk mage fag who runs around like hell.

    In other words it's not perfect and second classes are still retardedly strong in pvp but it's amusing enough to be able to kill people.

    Also I had no accessories, I'm wondering how that'll affect things. For one I didn't have 3332 defense for some reason, but I had pelt armor and all.

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